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Tropica/Bare Root/Gomberg

Mr. Dave Gomberg,

First I just wanted to say that my name is Sean, not STEVE....minor
technicality you might think.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge of Tropica and this whole import
issue.  My next question:  Do you think an aquatic plant grower like
Tropica would want to grow plants in their facilities bare root?  I
agree with them wanting to sell a complete product, rock wool and all,
so I see Tropica's dilemma.  BUT I imagine that the U.S. would be a very
profitable market for Tropica so it sounds like there is more to this
than simply not wanting to remove rock wool before they ship.  There is
nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in and also a making
profit at the same time. I know that there is much that I do not
understand, after reading your comments these thoughts came to mind and
I just wanted to ask.  I definitely would pay a little bit more for
plants that were high quality and algae "free".  

Sean Meister (not a.k.a Steve Meister) in Missoula, Montana.