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Re: comments abuot tropica

The quality varies.  Why?  Well, several LFS's around here sell Tropica
plants.  Some of these LFS's keep them under very good conditions, and the
plants stay as lush and as beautiful as the day they arrived (or better).  I
have seen a freshly-arrived shipment, straight out of the box, and these
plants really are of very high quality.  Whether or not they are of higher
quality than something you could receive via a trade, I can't comment on; I
expect the quality of traded plants varies as well.

However, there are other LFS's that just put the Tropica plants into their
regular tanks with fish, with (I presume) not particularly good lighting.
It doesn't take long for these plants to go downhill, and by the time you
see them or buy them, they are really in bad shape.

So...if possible, buy from a store that keeps the plants under the right
growing conditions, or that has a high turnover, and you'll get the high
quality that is shipped by Tropica.  Some people are willing to pay more for
a better product (wherever it originates, Europe, Asia, or elsewhere), and
some are not.  This is an individual decision.


Raymond Wong wrote:

>Is it worth to pay that much extra for Tropica plants? my LFS (there's a
>of them that carry Tropica plants) sells them for quite a bit more than
>other companies.. ?
>Why are they so much more expensive?
>Better Quality than the other suppliers (i don't believe so)
>or is it something else like the plants are from dk and other plants are
>from asia or other places where labor is cheap.. (as someone from the killi
>list once told me... or was it this list.. shoot.. forgot..)
>but i have mentioned before the best quality of plants is from a local
>club member...plants purchased from suppliers are often grown emersed or in
>different conditions frm your tank and the plant may take time to adapt...
>since they're so expensive what do (some) aquarists from the US want to get
>tropica plants so badly?