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re:Quality Products.

Hi Dgrim62 at cs_com,

Well, I suppose that if you just grill a steak occasionally, you donīt
really care what kind of portable gas grill you are using. I you find
barbeque to be a frequent and most enjoyable part of your free time, you
would probably try to get a fairly, maybe even very, good grill. Someone
who sees gas grills in general, and barbeque in particular, as the most
essential and rewarding pasttime in life, may want to get the best
equipment available or attainable. This could mean going past the most
expensive preassembled grills into the realms of commercial custom built
grills. If you find the cost of such grills prohibitive, you may have to
take a more DIY:ish approach and assemble/build a grill to suit your
need or fancy. Finding and using the best possible components your
budget will allow are then of the utmost importance. I would imagine
that such an individual with such an interest would seek out the
knowledge and experience of his peers to save some time and work on
research and avoid spending part of a perhaps meagre budget on trial and
error experimentation.


Newbie lurking on the list in

Norrkoping Sweden