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Kent Pro Plant Food

Adele and Davis Gailitis wrote:
>. . . The gut at the local LFS suggested that I
>try Kents Pro Plant to give the plants a boost. He
>said that he tried it and was amaized at the
>difference in his plant growth. . . . So my
>question is this: does anyone out there use this
>product and have they noticed any changes in there
>plant growth for better or worse? Any responses would
>be most appreciated. Thanks much Davis :)

I've used it for a while now - I bought a tank from a
guy a few months ago and he had some left-over. It *seems*
to get a good response from the plants, but I'm doing
other stuff too (like CO2 injection) so its not a controlled
experiment by any means.

I got some Jobe's spikes from Dave when I subscribed
to planted Aquaria magazine - what's the recommended
way to use these? I think pounding them in "a foot apart
around the drip line" is not going to work  ;)


Steve Rogers
@Outcome, Austin TX -- ICQ: 46340238 -- AIM: StevRocket