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CO2 in fast flowing streams

To start off, I would like to say that I am not an expert on Algae or 
biology. I do believe that to answer this question correctly, we need 
to look at it from a scientific framework. When I made my comment 
earlier, I did not present this in such a framework so I did not eat 
my own medicine.

My theory is that fast water does not directly cause algae to grow 
faster all else constant. I am not surprised by your observation that 
there was algae growing in the Rocky mountain streams because Algae 
is a very resilient form of life and can probably tolerate a wider 
variety of conditions than most plant life. We see evidence of this 
phenomenon in that Algae will grow in our tanks even when the 
conditions are not acceptable for our plants to grow.

Furthermore, one must take into account the photo period and the 
nutrient levels of the water and any other factors present. Again, I 
don't know if my analysis is correct. In fact I know I have left out 
many issues, but I believe all else constant, rapid water movement 
does not help Algae out compete aquatic plants.

I'm looking to hear other people's perspective on the matter though!

Julius Odian
Menlo Park, CA

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