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Re: Tropica's illegal importing

At 01:07 AM 9/16/00 -0400, Bob Dixon wrote:
>The USDA still inspects every plant that comes in and rejects everything 
>that they can't see
>the roots on.

It's actually worse than that.   The USDA reserves the right to even TRY to 
inspect any plant whose roots contain ANY FOREIGN MATERIAL WHATEVER, even 
one thread of fiberglass or rockwool, an amount which would not interfere 
with inspection.  I am guessing this is because they don't want to have to 
draw a line between too much and an ok amount.

This issue will probably be the subject of a WTO case in a few years as 
someone gets mad enough to bring it to their attention.   Whether the US 
loses or not will be a political question decided by its size as a player, 
rather than the justice of the situation.


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