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New thread/Starting over

Currently I'm about to start over with what's left of my plants , one tank 
and my outdoor fish.

I have large quantities of the following from my outdoor pond and a few half 
cooked specimens from my green house. Now at risk of starting a WHOLE NEW 
SERIES OF FLAMEWARS and getting Webmamma "OKOTERU" (extremely pissed off and 
ready to commit murder) Japanese is a wonderful language-so much meaning in 
just one word neh?;-)

The plants are:
Swords Amazon, E tenellus, Vallisneria natans, denserrata, Limnophilia 
sessiflora, Brasenia schrebneri, Milfoil various sp, Nuphar subpumilum, 
Potamogeton crispus, Cambomba sp, Anarchis sp and other Anubus nana.

Fish are as follows:

Xiphorphus hellerii, maculatus, variatus: Colasia sota, lalia: Betta 
splendens, edithae, enithae: Corydoras punctatus: Medaka

I have 3 plastic tubs used to keep live sushi and one 90lx45wx60w cm 
aquarium. I have access to ADA laterite courtesy of Amano, 3 light hoods 
capable of holding a maximum of 3 20watt flourescent tubes each and a large 
Fluval filter. Any suggestions as I'm selling whats left of the property to 
some real estate developers who will turn it into cramped apartment blocks.
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