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Kent Pro Plant ?

I am currently using Tropica's Master Grow for
fertilization in my 100G planted tank. I have just
planted this tank 2 weeks ago with South American
plants. Almost all of the plants are slow growers and
rely on bottom fertilization. My idea is to have a
planted tank set up for Discus and I wanted to only
have plants from that region. A couple of days ago I
started to notice some hair algae on the upper leaves
of one of my swords, near the top of the tank close to
the light. The algae is not to be found anywhere else.
All param's are ok. So my thinking is that I have to
wait until the plants start outcompeting for
nutrients. The gut at the local LFS suggested that I
try Kents Pro Plant to give the plants a boost. He
said that he tried it and was amaized at the
difference in his plant growth. I will say right off
the bat, he is not out to make money. We have many
conversations regarding cheaper ways of doing things
and he has helped me without making a cent. So my
question is this: does anyone out there use this
product and have they noticed any changes in there
plant growth for better or worse? Any responses would
be most appreciated. Thanks much Davis :)

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