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Re: more CO2 regulators

Looks like I need to proof-read my posts.
Here's what I meant to say:

> Mark Gilmore wrote:
> > It seems to me that a pH controller is a REQUIREMENT for any CO2 system to
> > function reasonably.  As long as the water has a reasonably stable kH, a pH
I couldn't disagree more.   A properly adjusted "open loop" CO2 system can
result in a very stable pH, and is VERY reliable.   Using a regulator, needle
valve, and simple reactor, with no solenoid, I get just a .2 pH swing, 
verified by an electronic pH meter.   And my KH is only 3 degrees.

> > Having attempted to make an open loop yeast bottle system work on my 20
> > gallon tank,  and watching the pH wander all over the place and stress my
Yeast bottles are a whole different matter, due to the varying production
of the yeast mix.   It would be like having someone continuously adjust
the output pressure of your regulator.

Chuck Gadd