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Re:CO2 Regulation, Bombast and Shame

>>people are calling others ********  on this thread. Accusations of
deception and misrepresentation are flying back and forth.  I presume I will
shortly see a post from you to  Bruno  suggesting he stop cackling and stop
insulting, personal attacks.<<

Well if I were the "listmom" I would have booted him off right then. There
is no excuse for foul language here. Personaly I am getting sick of this
whole thing...I am sick of people with big egoes, I am sick of newbies with
chips on their shoulders, and I am sick of being lumped in with more
obnoxious commercial people than I hopefully am. Perhaps Neil from under a
rock, Bluto, and Gidgette should all go to Neils favorite list and battle it
out for themselves, and maybe this list will finally get back to normal.

Robert Paul H