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Re: CO2 Regulators, Insults and Subjectivity

Well Bruno

Frankly I find it tedious to read a post where 50 percent of it is cut and 
past with snide, denigrating comments following. Talk about non constructive.

The distinction on the use of that *A Term* is that I am not using in a 
negative, personal sense you were, notwithstanding your rather sophomoric 

Bioplast? I love it. It works great. It looks good and thus far is performing 
flawlessly. The only problem I had was in setting it up, and I addressed 
those issues in a *lessons learned* post to the list earlier. No sorry I 
don't have a URL. I guess it's a personal failing.

To ROBERT: Why the personal villification Sir? It's unworthy of you.

David Napierkowski