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accusations, and traceability (was Gas thread)

I can certainly understand why you would take offense at having been accused
of posting under an alias.  Consider the source of the accusation, and
decide whether or not you are concerned with that person's

Not that this is even remotely on-topic, but there are valid reasons for
people using addresses that aren't "traceable".  Some ISP's (like mine, for
example) provide only one email address, and this is becoming more and more
common, with so many free email addresses available on the internet (this is
the only high-speed ADSL service available here).  I need three email
addresses, which many email forwarders (bigfoot included) provide free of
charge.  I use one for personal stuff, one for my business, and one for

I must also disagree with your opinion, that people shouldn't be allowed on
lists unless they can be identified and traced.  This may be something that
men aren't as cautious about as women, but for the same reason that women
most often list themselves in the phone book as "J. Doe" rather than "Jane
Doe", being "traceable" on a public list with publicly-accessible archives,
could cause women to become targets for all kinds of weirdos.


Neil Travis wrote:

<<<I take great offence to being accused of sending messages with an alias
then I suppose that is what you can expect if you upset the apple cart.
Anybody that uses a yahoo address or simular should not be allowed into any
list as it makes them anonymous. All members to any list should have a
traceable domain name to identify them.>>>