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Plumbing a CO2 Diffuser


I got my CO2 diffuser in the mail and now need to figure out the best way
to plumb it in to my nearly finished system. It is a low pressure type unit
where pumped water and CO2 enter the top, churn over some bio-media and
then exit happily intertwined as lunch for the plants.

I have a wet/dry filter sump under my 75g tank. The instructions call for a
power head as the water source. I can envision two ways to do this. Plan A
is to take a tap off of my return system and run it back to the diffuser
which then dumps into the intake of the return. This gets points for
simplicity and keeps a power head from eating up sump volume however I
would think that there is an element of inefficiency because the water
coming back to the diffuser from the output is already freshly CO2 enriched. 

Plan B is to put a small Rio powerhead in the sump.

Any ideas. I like the idea of tapping the output because of it's simplicity
but do not want to waste CO2...

Thanks a lot,

Paul Mouritsen

mourip @ erols . com

Washington, DC