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Re: Eheim Air Lock


    Last Sunday I posted an easy way that I deal with this problem, but maybe 
I wasn't very clear that it applied.  Or maybe people are looking for another 
way, but I can't imagine it being much easier than this (unless it's 
difficult to get to the output jet in your tank?):

    Just empty the water from the output hose before you reconnect the hoses 
to the cannister.  Then reconnect.  Then open BOTH valves to fill.

    That's it.

    It works every time for me.

    An easy way to empty the hose is to raise it's output-jet/spray-bar above 
the aquarium water level, then open the valve at the other end of the hose 
and drain it's water into something.  You're done.

    This way, the water only feeds into the cannister through one hose, 
allowing the other hose to vent out the air.  This not only let's the entire 
canister fill with water, but it also makes sure that the impeller area is 
filled (essential).  The water will then fill most of the output hose too.  
And the siphon of the input hose is never broken.

    Also a good way to re-prime if you've removed filter head without 
draining canister.

    Zach K