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Re: Compressed Gas Regulators

Hello all,

I've been reading the thread about the regulators, dumping no dumping, one stage, two stage, one gauge, dual gauge. Well, IMHO the easiest solution has been suggested a few times: Weight. Why not buy some cheap bathroom equipment to measure your body weight. It is accurate enough. Just place it under your CO2 bottle. Calculate the empty weight ( see previous posts ). When you know the empty weight of your bottle take a red pen and write it on the scale.Check the weight during your regular maintenance (A (wo)man 's gotta do what a (wo)man 's gotta do) Hey, I know it is not perfectly accurate but if you add a little bit you will never run any risk. It this being too simple? The bit of CO2 you don't use will not make a difference in your budget considering the amount of money people spend on other gadgets for their tanks. To avoid misunderstanding:I do respect everybodies opinion and ideas, knowledge about regulators etc…and  everybody has the freedom of choice. This was just an !
idea. Anybody tried it before?

At the same time I also wish to thank everybody for answers regarding Ph pens and probes about a month ago. I do appreciate the help. It is so easy to get many opinions on this list. It may not help 100 %  in knowing what is the best solution, but it sure helps to rule out some completely disastreous ideas or misunderstanding of methods. ( dump a bottle of H2O2 in the tank was a good one) 

Dirk Matthys
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