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Re: Echinodorus Ozelot

>Our Ozelot sword is sending out its first runner, is there anything
>special we should do? Should we let it grow out of the tank or try to
>keep it in the water? Since it is a hybrid will the babies be Ozelots?

I have had this species and E. 'oriental' flower in the same tank. The
ozelot was definitely the most prolific and robust plant of the two. At one
time there was up to 3 runners with each runner holding around 3 plantlets.
I had some plantlets hanging over the side of the tank outside of the water,
and I had some that were either submerged or on the surface. The fasting
growing plantlets were the ones that were growing outside of the water. Once
I noticed a new runner coming of the ozelot it would take 3 to 4 weeks
before the plantlets mature and be harvested. I have not had any acclimating
problems yet with ozelots and orientals that were growing as plantlets out
of water and then submerging them.

The runners from your sword are clones of the mother plant. Most of the
characteristics of the mother should be pasted on to the plantlets.

Ryan Stover