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Re: Echinodorus Ozelot

Tom (tconnors at webtv_net) wrote:
> Subject: Echinodorus Ozelot
> Our Ozelot sword is sending out its first runner, is there anything
> special we should do? Should we let it grow out of the tank or try to
> keep it in the water? Since it is a hybrid will the babies be Ozelots?

Tom, I had a runner that was 2.5 feet long. I finally let the end grow 
up toward the light and it got fried, but the rest of the runner was 
submerged. About every 6-8" a weird "knot" would form. These 
eventually turned into four plants per "knot". I kept the runner 
submerged all the time, but it probably would grow out the tank 
also. After a while, the plantlets were about 4-5" tall with several 
leaves per plantlet. I snipped the runner and cut the plantlets loose. 
Every one of them made it. I went from one to fifteen in about six 
months. I have no idea if they were hybrids.

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC