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re: Gas Thread

On Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 05:17:55 +1000  "Neil Travis" <travisn at gravity_net.au>

Please excuse the rudeness, but Neil, you're a real asshole.

>It appears that after the thread on gas regulators started there has been a
>lot of questions needing to be answered but in my attempt to do this was
>lampooned by a few on this list.

Neil, any lampooning going on was yours.  You simply enjoy obfuscating the facts
and pointing fingers, calling foul-play and slinging insults.  Meanwhile, your
finger-pointing would be better served if it were done in front of a mirror.
You're a real piece of work.

>I have even been accused of sending posts anonymously.

Not by me.  If this were usenet, I would have busted you instantly if you had
tried anything like that.  I suppose if you got a little creative it would take
longer to do.

>Unlike Bruno I always sign my name and only use one e-mail address.

Another personal insult?  I *always* sign my name.  I have multiple email
addresses for sorting purposes.  If you do not have this luxury, I send my
heartfelt sympathies.  Just so you can get your head out of your arse, here are
my main addresses:

bruno at hybrid8_com  - corporate/business for my own company.  People that
communicate with me in email will recognise this because it's what I will
normally use for all personal communication.  Also used for Administrative
domain registration purposes a well as communication with other companies,
distributors and such.
SurfnTurf at hybrid8_com - Aquaria and Pet-related only (Aquaria groups, Herp
group, Pigeon group and Aquaria lists)
spx at hybrid8_com - PWC (Personal Watercraft) related only.
hde at my-deja_com - No longer used to post, but it was the default email address
for DejaNews - used to access news when not connected to my own server.

I also maintain other domains and use a few other RECEIVE-ONLY email addresses
for support and informational issues.  I don't post with them.

Every time you see a message from me in a usenet group, it will contain at least
my first name in the header and at the end of every body.  In this list I
provide both first and surname (as I do with bruno at hybrid8_com).

>I would have thought that after George Booths reply to the Regulator thread
>it would have finished.

The insults finished until your ilk started them again.  I believe most everyone
is happy returning the focus to technical and practical merits of CO2 injection.

>Anybody that uses a yahoo address or simular should not be allowed into any
>list as it makes them anonymous.

Who made you a list-cop?  Yahoo and other sites like it are "disposable" but any
ISP account can be considered anonymous if the user chooses it to be.
Consistency is key and I don't care if someone is posting from Yahoo.
Personally, it tends to show more credibility than someone posting from AOL or

I snipped the last bit of your message which included your real agenda:
advertising your own site.  Neil, feel free to contribute, your opinions and
experiences are welcomed - just cut the crap.

As far as injection goes, I won't be using anyone's pre-packaged system but will
instead be building my own.  Will it work or be reliable?  I have no doubt in my
mind that it will perform with the utmost precision and reliability, thanks to
research and careful integration.  It should even be idiot-proof in the end -
not something I need in my system, but why not if I'm already going to all this
trouble.  When said and done, will I know what components I have used and how
and why they work together?  Yes.  Will I save a huge bundle compared to other
pre-packaged systems?  Yes to some, no to others.  But I'll feel a lot better
about having done it myself and knowing as much as I can about each piece that
has been selected.