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Gas thread

It appears that after the thread on gas regulators started there has been a
lot of questions needing to be answered but in my attempt to do this was
lampooned by a few on this list.Have also had some great debates off list
and a lot of encouragement also.
I have even been accused of sending posts anonymously.
Unlike Bruno I always sign my name and only use one e-mail address.
I would have thought that after George Booths reply to the Regulator thread
it would have finished.
I take great offence to being accused of sending messages with an alias but
then I suppose that is what you can expect if you upset the apple cart.
Anybody that uses a yahoo address or simular should not be allowed into any
list as it makes them anonymous. All members to any list should have a
traceable domain name to identify them.
I have just started up my own group with e groups and is titled   Sahul-Fish
and works on simular lines but the emphasis is on Rainbow Fish and the
Planted Aquaria.
This group is not in competition with APD but just another place to look.
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