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RE: Gluconate (James Purchase)

James Purchase:

Thank you for sharing your experiences with potassium gluconate pills.
I DO understand that there ARE many different ways of introducing
potassium into an aquarium system.  Question:  Isn't gluconate a form of
sugar (glucose) or am I incorrect.  I know that sugar is a enrgy source
for bacteria, my concern is/was too much food at one time and any
NEGATIVE affects in my ten gallon planted tank, IF ANY....(maybe my
concern is not valid but that is why I wrote to APD readers, there are
always people out there that know more than myself....and I understand
this).  I am very "new" to aquatic plant culture and I know that it
shows in my questions.  I am learning every day.  Experience has been
the major influence in my life so I like to read about other peoples
experiences and share my own. 

With all due respect,
Sean Meister (Missoula, MT)

"Today I think it all very fine.  Let there be a hundred answers with
none of them entirely correct.  The asking of the question is already