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Eheim AIr Lock

<<  I also get air locks with my Eheim 2226, I get round the problem by
 releasing the locking handle as the canister fills up to bleed the air , do
 this before the pressure builds up and stops the flow. I agree it doesn`t
 sound like thats the way it should work! Anyone got a proper explanation?Are
 we doing something wrong? >>

Nope. I really don't know what the issue is with yours.  MY 2228 lost suction 
only once and it was a simple matter to suck on the outlet pipe. Thinking 
over my routine ---- I turn off the double taps, wait a second, disconnect 
(towel on the floor to catch the few drops of water; lug the filter to the 
sink, clean, refill the tank with tap water just to the level that water does 
not squirt out when clamping down the pump head; lugging it back; reattaching 
the hoses, flicking the double taps open and plugging the thing in looking 
closely at the outlet to make sure it's not locked up with an air bubble. 
Hasn't happened yet.

Hope this helps.