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Re: Aquarium Equipment

Lately everyone is slagging off a group of Co2 injection equipment 
I'd like to just relate something that recently happened to me. I'm writing 
this from work on my boss' computer. Takashi (Amano san) can be human and 
understanding. Monday evening I came home to discover firetrucks  and crews 
poking through the remains of my domicile. It seems that while I was out 
doing what writers do and the kidsa were off to school and the wife was at 
work, one of my systems shorted out and caused a fire. This system wasn't 
made by me or by a reputable manufacturer such as ADA or JACNO, but rather 
by a smaller company that made their products from less costly and possibly 
more suspect parts. As a result, I'm going to be living in a small cramped 
3LDK (living dining kitchen +3 rooms) my tanks (5) with wild mouthbrooding 
bettas, blue, green and wild morphs of honey gouramies, over 50 varieties of 
plants (over 1,000 total) a greenhouse with more fish, plants and Poppy and 
Gonzaburo (my eldest daughter's Ball Python and Iguana).

To sum up..... Don't buy cheap, poorly made/shoddy goods! Save yourself the 
agony and pain.
To the makers..... Provide warranties with your goods or admit that they 
aren't worth the coin to buy them.

Edward Venn
Currently homeless in Tokyo Japan.
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