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Re: Twisting Swords

<<I have a bunch of amazon swords, and vals and the leaves on them are
slightly twisted.   I'm guessing that this is a nutrient deficiency.  What
is this a sign of?  Any advice would be greatly appriciated.>>

I am greatly interested in answers to this question as well, as I have a Red
Sail Sword and some Jungle Val that are doing this same thing, although I
would describe the leaves as being cupped as well as twisted. My research
leads me to believe that such is caused by a calcium defeciency, but with a
GH of 7, entirely due to the addition of coral sand to my Eheim, I find that
unlikely. Also, I have two Ozelot Swords in this same tank, that are showing
no signs of this problem, and some Corkscrew Val that is twisted (but not
cupped), but then again it is supposed to be. ;-)

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