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Eheim Pro air-lock (?)

Since we're on the subject of Eheim Professional filters, I will add that I
love mine; it does a great job on my 50-gal planted tank.  The fact that it
doesn't have to be cleaned on a weekly basis like power filters, is a big
plus.  I do have one issue with it though.  The user's manual says that
after cleaning it you simply need to re-attach the filter hoses, after which
the filter canister will fill with water and be "ready for use".  It doesn't
happen that way with mine.  I re-attach the filter hoses and open the
valves, and it _starts_ to fill with water, but this stops after just a few
seconds.  If I unfasten the hoses, it sounds as though there's an air lock,
i.e. as though air pressure inside the canister is preventing water from
flowing in.  Today I had to fill it with dechlorinated water at the sink
before putting the lid and filter hoses back on.  This worked, but it
doesn't seem to be the way it's "supposed" to work.

Does anyone else have this problem?