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Low Light Plants

Tracie wrote

"Subject: Low Light Plants

I have just started to get serious about having a planted tank. Right now, I
have a 20
gallon high with  a 2 20 watt flourescent fixture on it. I would like to
upgrade to
something brighter but so far have no idea of what I am looking for.  I
would like some
input on fixtures and what type of lighting I need for this tank. Also, I do
not want
plants that need a great light intensity. Medium to low light plants are
fine. So far, I am
growing Java moss like crazy. With my current tank status, what other plants
are low
light that will grow?



Your current hood should be fine.  It is just a rule of thumb, but you are
reaching 2 watts per gallon.  If you are concerned about having too low
light levels, trade the 20H for a standard 15.  I'd stand pat on the
equipment if I were you.

You mentioned low light plants.  I recommend any of the more common crypts
(petchi, undulatus, wendtii), anubias, and java fern.

Good luck,


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