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Re CO2 regulation.

It Appear that Gomberg  is on a sell my product line at the moment. As a
regular contributor to this list all I seem to do is get knocked by him with
his commercial interests.
In Australia "Dave states full of bull shit"
a good regulator costs around $80.00. Say $50.00 US. Not as expensive as his
dump when the tank gets low type.
Could you imagine going into a Bar for a beer and as soon as the gas gets
low the tap explodes?
Not me. I like my beer too much. That is the type of regulator that will do
the job properly.
I would suggest that a bit more research is done into gas systems for
quality and keep away from the rubbish.
As it so happens I have a reply from Dave on this subject and he openly
states that for a price he is quite willing to sell rubbish as he says it is
economically enviable to sell quality as his customers are unwilling to pay
the price so he sells crap.
Any one wanting a copy is welcome to it.

From the" Land Down Under"
icq 13931687