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Re: Re CO2 regulation.

N. Travis from APD#530:

>It Appear that Gomberg  is on a sell my product line at the moment. As a
>regular contributor to this list all I seem to do is get knocked by him with
>his commercial interests.
>In Australia "Dave states full of bull s*** <edited>"

Look, I'm not commenting on the specific positions adopted by legitimate
sides of this Co2 debate.  But once anti-logic and  ad-hominem [personal]
attacks are injected, something should be said.  Travis, if you want to
take on Gomberg, stick to the hard science.  

1. No offence, but your sentence structure seems a bit disconnected and
hard to follow.  The beer stuff totally lost me.

2. Open profanity works well for the goofs on usenet..not  here.  Remember,
you brand yourself the list's "Ausie in resident" ... doesn't image count?

3. Trying to slam Dave's credibility (just because you can't beat his
argument w/ superior logic) is grossly inappropriate.  Whether or not
Gomberg sells a product is irrelevant to the strength of his argument...
unless the debate turns on opinion/faith and not on quantifiable
differences in Co2 systems.  Since the latter is the case here, then stick
to the facts.  

If you've got an axe to grind against Gomberg; respectfully, we don't care
to hear it on the list!

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