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Re: CO2 Regulation

<< Those who are more concerned with price over value are of course free to
 continue as they have been doing but if we as a group hope to "spread the
 gospel" of planted tanks, having a concise and authoritative FAQ on
 Compressed CO2 to point people to would be most helpful.  >>

Good point. But it is not Rocket Science ... certainly not in the hobbyist 
application. Also point well taken regarding price. FWIW -- the BioPlast CO2 
system is not cheap. I And it is an integrated system that works, and not 
advocated by one vendor member to this list, perhaps two.

There are always choices to make in this or any other hobby. Did I get the 
right filtration system? Gee perhaps I should ad a UV or RO system. And so it 
is with CO2 for the home aquarium. I hardly call these concerns high tech.

Bruno - Why are you slamming this man? It seems that others on this list are 
perfectly entitled to make blanket assertions, and this fellow is not? He 
simply outlined what worked for him. He used the price figure, not to imply 
that he advocated *cheap stuff* but that good gear does not have to be all 
that expensive.  Why was that difficult to understand?