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re: Eheim/Fluval slowing down

I'm an Eheim guy, but with reference to the Fluvals, there have been posts
to the various fish boards that the Fluval MSFs tend to accumulate gook
right behind the cut-off valves (called the Aqua-Stop on the Fluvals).
That's one place to check. With regard to both Fluvals and Eheims, here are
some ideas:

1. Dirty impeller
2. Blocks or restrictions in rigid tubing fittings, especially the
narrowest portions around bends
3. Kinks in flexible tubing
4. Dirty fine-filter pad/floss
5. Dirty pre-filter or sponge on filter intake
6. Clogged or restricted spraybar or holes in spraybar
7. If flow is really bad, check for airlock, impeller cavitation, leaky
gaskets or seals

In all cases where our Eheim has slowed, it was due to any combination of
2, 4, 5 and 6 and was easily corrected. Most common cause has been 5.
Eheims especially are designed and rated with a full, non-restricted,
inflow in mind.


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