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Re: Eheim/Fluval slowing down

    Hi Tsuh Yang Chen,

    I have an Eheim 2224, with Eheims surface extractor on input hose.  IME, 
when hoses and extractor accumulate a film/algae inside, it slows flow alot, 
even when they don't look that bad.  If algae is growing fast in tank, it's 
also growing fast in intake path.  These hoses and input output elements have 
been requiring frequent cleaning.  So you might try cleaning the hoses too.  
You need a hose cleaning brush kit to do it AFAIK.
    Also you would probably want to watch the filter head assembly carefully 
and keep it clean (impeller, magnet, all internal flow paths, etc).  Eheim 
makes a two brush kit for each specific model which allows you to clean the 
magnet housing and the vent tube.  If the vent-channel (very narrow) clogs, 
then accumulated gas in filter won't clear, causing impeller to run dry, and 
doing significant damage if left this way for too long (even if you aren't 
injecting co2 into filter (I'm not), gas can accumulate in filter).  In this 
case all flow to/from aquarium stops.  I've had this dead-heading occur twice 
even though I keep the vent clean.  It seems it occured because hoses and 
their attachments needed cleaning, so the input pressure was maybe too low to 
push the gas through.  Luckily I was there to notice it both times.

    Zach K