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Re: CO2 regulators

<< They are also usually low pressure. Companies that sell regulators for this
 hobby that dont make their own usually get industrial high pressure. Not so
 hot with a needle valve, but very reliable...just use good hose clamps. >>

I presume you have actually had one of those Bioplast Regulators in your 
hands? I took mine to the welding supply shop where I bought the tank of CO2 
and the manager there said it was a high pressure gauge, perfectly well 
suited for that five pound cylinder of CO2 he also sold me.

Regarding James' post relative to costs ---- True but the $60.00 ball park 
figure gives a newbie to CO2 like me, a ball park figure on which to base his 
search. Based on the information posted to date, and my new contact with the 
welding supply people, I am now confident I could assemble a CO2 regulator 
system with control valve, minus bubble chamber and disfuser for under 
$100.00. I'll remember the lessons learned for the next system I set up for 
that 240 gallon tank.