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CO2 miscellany

Dave Gomberg wrote:

>I have yet to find a company that makes two-stage regulators (one regulator

>feeding another).   Usually folks are talking about two GAUGE regulators, 
>heck you can put 100 gauges on a regulator, they won't affect its function,

>only measure it.  In reply, James said he had found one but I could not get

>their web page to display.

You learn something new every day!  I use Norgren Beer Regulators and always
thought they were two stage regulators.  The local CO2 supplier even told me
as much, explaining that a two stage regulator is required for CO2 in high
flow applications to keep the valve from freezing.  I couldn't confirm this
from their web site but Dave's our expert in this area.

I also had a CO2 system dump in my Rainbow tank and lost a lot of fish,  I
assumed it was due to the Sandpoint regulator.  Since then I have made my
own systems.  Currently I have a hybrid system that is working extremely
well.  A Norgren regulator provides 40 psi from a remote CO2 bottle to an
ARO mini regulator that directly feeds a 3-gang solenoid manifold at 4 psi.
I currently use the ARO NO1 needle valves and they are giving satisfactory
service with the lower pressure.  The system works well, looks high tech,
and costs a lot less than you would think.  The mini-regulator is around $30
and the needle valves are around $14.

I'm happy to provide a parts list if anyone is interested.  I would take a
picture but I'm battling the worst green water tank ever.  I have to blame
the Onyx since the laterite/sand tank directly below it was started at the
same time with otherwise similar conditions and is fine.  But that's another