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Re: Compressed Gas Regulators


I just received a regulator and some related parts from the Marine Depot
who evidently and to my surprise sells Monolith Marine Monster(M3) Co2
regulators. In M3's instructions they state that their regulator has a
pressure release valve which_they_claim will prevent the last gasp
situation for the CO2 tank and your fish... can't remember the pop-off
pressure right now but I think that it was 20psi.

I am hoping that they are right but will also be difusing the gas into my
sump. I like to wear a  belt AND suspenders...

Thanks to those who responded regarding my layering Fluorite question. Yes,
there is no accounting for taste... that's why Crayola has all of those
colors... Actually I like the look of straight sand best but want the
benefits of Fluorite.

Paul Mouritsen

..who will not be sharing his sig file with you today :-) ...

mourip @ erols . com
Washington, DC

>>"3.  Get a regulator that does not dump when the tank empties  (I am working
>>on trying to find these)   OR
>>4.  Include a simple pressure relief device in your system  "
>>Dave, could you elaborate a bit on these two points, please? What should a
>>hobbyist look for in the specs of a regulator which would indicate that it
>>won't "dump" when the cylinder is close to empty? Is a "two-stage" regulator
>>better for this than a "single-stage" one?
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>" Include a pressure release system" - You can add a spring loaded relief
>valve in a parallel branch in your CO2 line set to lift at 20% above the
>lower input pressure of your regulator.

>Madan Subramanian
>Who is plagued by GA, BA, BGA, HA et al.