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Hobby industry vs Environment

Hello Folks:
     I hope that what I have to say contributes to hobbiests wanting to
become more expert in their knowledge of managing their aquariums,
terrariums, etc.  But the statement by BIGphish118 has merit.  In my varied
reading, I have come to the conclusion that many species of wildlife, be
they plant or animal, are only going to survive in the hands of hobbiests
until the crises around the loss of their environments is addressed and
action taken to restore these envoronments.  At that time perhaps hobbiest
will be called upon to contribute to such a resotration of those species to
envoronments that are in the process of being restored or in recovery.  For
this reason, I find it sad that environmentalists and hobbiests are at odds
with another.  My statement is idealistic I know, but not without merit.  I
am also aware of the nightmare caused by the pet trade when specimens not
from a particular area are introduced into other habitats not their own and
overtake and destroy the indigenous species.  This like many issues is a
double edged sword.  However, the pet trade is not going away and it
provides a wonderful platform for educating people who will never have or
take the chance to visit an Amazon river or an African great lake but who
will have an influence on whether there is going to be politcal and
financial backing for saving endangered species and habitats, when it comes
time to vote. In view of this, I hope to see the hobby improve and a trend
for becoming a Knowledgable and Responsible hobbiest come into vogue.  
     Thanks and I look forward to discussion on this.  I have stated an
opinion in this matter and not the foundations for a flame war.

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