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Dying fish

In the past couple of days  I have lost a lot of fish and I don't know why.  I'm
hoping that someone can help me. About 4 days ago I went away for the weekend I
came back on sunday and when I came back I found 4 dead adult siamese algae
eaters. I looked at the temp and it was 90. As far as I can tell the ebo-jagers I
use are still working I'm not sure how the tank got that hot.   However there was
one survivor siamese algae eater, but it had discolored scales in localised
areas, they were much lighter than it's typical scale color.  The discoloration
seemed to be caused by some sort of trauma.

This morning I found a dead krib. I have 2 discus in the tank, a school of
rasaboras, a school of about 10 ottocinclus, 2 clown loaches,4 albinos cory cats,
about 6 kribs a "bull face pleco" and a royal pleco.  Could the plecos be mauling
my other fish?

Or do I have some sort of heat resistant plague loose in my tank?

My nitrates are at around 5ppm.

Thanks Alot,