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Subject: Re: Lowering pH when adding hardwater nutrients

Susi Barber <wanderer35 at operamail_com wrote:

>Okay Paul, I'll try to get some ground limestone.

Try The following from products from Carib Sea.
Aragamax,  SeaFlor  or GeoMarine.
The Aragamax is a fine calcareous powder.
The others are calcareous substrates for the marine aquarium.
(Perhaps one of your marine friends can give you some)

The aragonite will slowly dissolve at the lower Ph of a plant aquarium
releasing calcium and helping to buffer the water. I guess that this
is about as accurate as playing with acids and sodium bicarbs, but
it's effects seem to be controllable.

I have a pound or so of the last two, in the walls of my tank's
overflows. (My old reef tank) I use straight R/O water plus I filter
over a pound of peat and still have a hard time keeping  the ph down
if the CO2 runs out.

Keith in Kalamazoo who has no problems with snail shells.

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Keith and Lisa
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