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re: mangroves

Aloha Hanna.

Check out this site on the Krib with info about mangroves.

It is my experience that mangroves can grow under most any 
conditions.  They are very adaptable.

I have some mangroves suspended in a 135gal  semi-brackish tank. 
They are hanging from an overhead strip light(not very bright), 
weighted with a little stone tied to the roots.  My goal is not to 
get them to root in the substrate since there is none, but rather to 
grow out long straight thick roots to touch the bottom of the tank. 
It is important to keep the crown of the plant out of the water.

I also have them growing outside in a variety of conditions.

Morning sun & planted in Redwood soil conditioner.
Afternoon sun & planted in sand.
Afternoon sun & planted in dirt.
Afternoon sun & planted in aquarium gravel.
Afternoon sun & planted in dirt and placed in a fresh water pond.
Afternoon sun & planted in coral stones and placed in a fresh water pond.

The plants in full sun do a lot better than the ones in the shade. 
However, these plants  are shade tolerant.

I hope this helps.