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Growing Small leaved Water Lilies?

    Hi Everyone,

    After checking the archives, I still have a question about Dwarf lilies.  
I'm wondering if there is a variety that stays green (not getting red) under 
high light, and that has surface leaves that are smaller than 3" diameter.  I 
have seen some, in unfertilized tanks with moderate light, that stay that 
small, but wonder if they would be bigger in a fertilized plant tank with 
high light.
    My 40 gal. tank has 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 " unfertilized Flourite substrate, and 
I use the phosphate limiting approach for fertilization.  Highest summer tank 
temp.- 79 d.  I'm not as interested in promoting flowering as I am in small 
leaf size, but I do want to grow them with surface leaves rather than 
submerse.  If I didn't put macro-nutrients at their roots, would that keep 
the leaf size down?  And would they be 'happy' under those conditions, or 
would I be asking to much of them?

    Thanks Alot,

    Zach K