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Growing Small leaved Water Lilies?

Yes, there are some lillies that stay green and small leaved even in direct 
sunlight, though the one I saw was not labeled. I'm not sure about a fertile 
substrate, I don't believe that will change the color of the leaves, only 
make them more pronounced, there are some examples of different pHs changing 
the flower's color (i.e. Crape Myrtles) but I don't think that the color will 
change, nor the leave size will be much different. My experience with plants 
with tubers is (and Orchids especially :-) ), the larger the reserve of 
nutrients, the larger the leaf size, better shape, color etc...  Though if 
you think you can just cut off sections of the tuber and get small leaves... 
think again, I know for Orchids that it doesn't work that way. It has 
something to do with the maturity of the plant too. The lily I am thinking of 
had leaves with only a 3" diameter leaf max, many were smaller, and it was 
quite pretty. Good luck, and please share if you discover some specific 
names, I'm sure the archive could use them for future reference. Best, Bill