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Re: H2O2 and BGA

I too have been battling a BGA infestation  in my 54 gallon and have experienced recent (very recent) success.  My approach was to do severe trimming, removing any plant growth that had BGA on it and peeling
off the rest by hand.  Then I bit the bullet and lightened my fish load by about 30% followed by a large (40%) water change.  So far so good.  What tiny bits of BGA I missed seems to be dying back very
quickly.  If it does return, I'll definitely be trying the H2O2 approach so I'll keep all posted as well.
Pat O'Sullivan.

> Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:10:39 GMT
> From: "Bailin Shaw" <bailin_shaw at hotmail_com>
> Subject: H2O2 and BGA
> Hello APDer's,
> With all of the talk on hydrogen peroxide, I thought I'd throw in some new
> information on what happened in my 55G planted tank.  Someone previously
> mentioned that they used peroxide to get rid of blue green algae, so I
> thought I'd give it a whirl.  I added 1 ounce of peroxide to the tank and by
> the next day, the BGA had cleared up.  I still need to check all of the
> parameters of the tank to see if there is a major deficiency in nutrients
> that's causing this outbreak, but the results are promising.  I hope that it
> stays gone in the long run.  I'll keep everybody informed.  Thanks for all
> the good info.
> Bailin Shaw, President
> Oklahoma City Aquarium Association