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Re: Autoclaving driftwood update

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000 10:40:57 -0700 (PDT) Davis Gailitis wrote:


>      So my question is this: Am I just deluding myself
> thinking that the fungus will eventualy go away or do
> I have to pull the DF out of my tank?
> Thanks much for the patiance in reading this and any
> help I can get.
> Davis :)
> adele_davis at yahoo_com


The fungus will go away, probably in a month or so.  I have an old tree
stump in my tank.  I didn't sterilize it, and I went through the same
thing with the fungus.  You can siphon it out with a piece of rigid
airline tubing.  If I remember correctly, I watched some of the fish
nibbling on it.

Bob Ashcraft
Pittsburgh, PA