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location, location, location......

>> I am assuming that  the .za in your email address indicates Zanzibar.  In

> Good guess, but that's just too logical.  .ZA is South Africa.

This is NOT to start a flame war....... but could people _please_ give their
name and location in their posts? With a membership from around the world,
it can be difficult, if not impossible, for you fellow list members to help
you if we don't know where you live - certain things are location specific.
Nobody should have to try and figure out where you live if you are asking
for help.

Also, since this is a subscription email list and not the public internet,
it might be an idea if you gave us at least your first name so that we have
an idea of who it is we are addressing. This is especially bothersome with
the widespread use of "hotmail" type mail accounts where the first part of
your email address quite often has no relation to your real name."Handles"
might be "kewl" in some circles, but they do tend to get in the way of
adult, person to person communication.

Both of these things would help with the "community" aspect of this list.

James Purchase