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re:Autoclaving driftwood update

"Second problem encountered. Woke up this morning
(Tues. 25th) and 
noticed a lovely white fuzzy fungus developing all
over the DF. Dwight was right.

Dwight's post:

I'm wondering why is there so much concern about
driftwood enough to
autoclave it? IMHO, sterilization of DW is
counterproductive b/c its not
going to prevent your tank (if its unbalanced) from
being invaded by algae.
 All sterilizing your DW will do is provide low -
competition territory for
fungal invasion!

     So my question is this: Am I just deluding myself
thinking that the fungus will eventualy go away or do
I have to pull the DF out of my tank? 
Thanks much for the patiance in reading this and any
help I can get. 

Davis :) 
adele_davis at yahoo_com"

Davis - this may not be fungus but instead some type
of sap or degrading tree fluid leaching from the wood.
 When I soaked a piece of African Mopani Wood for a
week and then put it in the tank, I got the same white
fuss.   If you pull the wood out and wipe it down
you'll see that it is slimey.  Mine disappeared after
cleanings and some of it went away on its own.


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