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RE: Dirt and pots

>I have a commercial potting mix, and I have an organic triple mix.  Could
>anyone advise me on which would be better?  Or neither?


Both soils will work well. You should top/cap with sand etc. Some folks add
a small amount of peat to the bottom, careful, you don't need much. I have
been adding a small amount of flourite and many plants do well with this
I have used both but the organic is always my personal preference.
I have used pure flourite in pots and am happy with it. It will take more
time for the pot to "get going" with the pure flourite unless you seed it
with old mulm etc.  

I use black vestax foam for the very bottom of the pot so the soil does not
leak out. You can typically get it a grocery store as they use it for
produce and meat cases. Some of the folks at the stores are nice and will
give you a few feet of it free. Some are mean and cranky and will look at
you like your crazy. If they do that..............order something special
they don't have then don't pick it up and just leave fast<g>. But any open
cell foam will work and urethane foam cut thin will do fine too as will
small lava etc. Fabric Stores have lots of stuff for filtering and foam
ideas. Also they have green cotton thread/scissors  etc for other projects
for aquascaping. Some of the guys on this list might be "too cool" to go
into the fabric store. Maybe a female friend will help the less brave<g>.

You can also grow out the plants first in immersed culture then add to a
submersed tank.
Tom Barr