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Big Bio-Wheel

I just got a deal I couldn`t refuse on a Tidepool 2 and SOS system . It has
a sump and a huge bio-wheel ( 6" Dia. ), with 3 filter trays , and is fed by
a cool syphon system . I couldn`t find much in the Krib about this , so I
    I`ve heard some talk about folks removing their bio wheels totally from
their planted tanks . Would this be a bad choice for a planted tank . I have
an above average population of fish , in a 55G with a ton of plants right
now . If this is too vague to answer  , would you consider a Tidepool and
SOS system yourself if someone "gave" it to you for your planted tanks ?
Er....not that I`m offering it up or anything :-)
                    Wilmington , Ohio