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Re: Red web pattern

    Roger Miller wrote: (snips)
    <<If you use RO/DI water and reconstitute with something that doesn't
contain sulfate, then you could force a sulfur deficiency.  Epson salt
would probably be the most readily available alternative source of
    Yesterday I discovered your articles on reconstituting ro water.  The 
ways I've approached it may have been a problem!  (By the way, this is the 
same tank I've been posting about. It's the only one I have).
    <<For what it's worth, big Echinodorus thrive on Jobes spikes and if you
aren't using them now then you might want to try them, even if you can't
pin down a specific deficiency.>>
    I'm trying to see if I can keep them inside of a 17'' deep tank, so the 
Jobes might make things that much more risky.
    <<Are you sure you guys actually have E. cordifolius?  Red tracings on the
new leaves of amazon sword plants (E. amazonicus, E. bleheri, E.
parvifloris) are fairly normal.>>
    I haven't had them for long, and leaves are about 2 3/4'' x 5 1/2'', 
somewhat spade-like, but with blunt tip.  Baensch Atlas #1 has a beautiful 
picture of a cordifolia with nearly round submerse leaves.  I hope to learn 
how to grow them that way.  I think it's the same plant as mine.

    Lynn wrote: (snip)
    <<Here is an idea for you to try if you're brave.....if you really think 
its a 
sulfur problem, get a wooden matchstick, break off the head and shove it way 
down in the substrate under the plant. I have never done such a thing but I 
have heard of people doing this for their garden tomato plants.>>
    I don't think I am that brave, Lynn!  Isn't there something else in there 
besides sulfur?
    A week ago, for other reasons, I greatly increased my TMG, and began 
epsoms, so I'll see if any of that helps.
     Zach K