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Re: tennelus and MH bulb life

    There is a very nice MH comparison with spectral charts for several 
bulbs, new and aged, that does include your Iwasaki 250w.  If you're 
interested, you can find it on the Animal Network.com site.  Go to the 'Fish' 
section, then to their free online magazine- Aquarium Frontiers Online- 
'Archive' section.  There you'll see the issues shown one by one, with their 
table of contents listed.  Look for the ones that have the MH study for 250w. 
bulbs.  The charts are unreadable until you click on each one individually.  
I think the Iwasaki aged very well, but not sure of that.
    It's kind of hard to find but nicely done I thought.    It covers alot of 
ground.  I'm looking forward to checking out George Booths' MH measurements.
    Also each issue has an article relating to plant tanks, by Karen Randall, 
which I very much appreciated.
     Zach K