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Re: Ceratophyllum demersum

Sylvia wrote:
| I just brought a handful of this plant from a lake in the Pocono Mts. here
| Pa, which was for the most part overrun with (what I think) is egeria. The
| egeria was growing profusely throughout the entire lake, but here and
| you could see small pieces of the c. demersum. Fishing under areas where
| there was coverage of egeria and algae fluff and other scum around the
| shoreline, I found a bit of this plant growing underneath the other stuff.
| Apparently, it can adapt to lower light conditions.

I reply:

I have both Ceratophyllum demersum (or submersum not sure which or what the
difference is) and egeria/elodea both in my watergardens and the
Ceratophyllum outgrows the egeria by quite a bit. It may be that my hard
water, high light, warm temperature conditions are more favorable for the
Ceratophyllum. I've had it both as floating and anchored to the bottom
(12"-20" deep) and it seems to do well either way. The fish don't eat it as
much as they do the egeria but they will pick at it, I think to get the hair
algae and other things that seem to collect in it. I'm not sure how well it
supposedly releases something that inhibits algae because I've seen it
pretty engulfed in hair algae when it's in an area that the goldfish can't
get to.

My daughter also took some of my excess to her tropical fish aquarium and it
did beautifully there floating, but the fish eventually ate it all.

Does anyone know the difference between Ceratophyllum demersum and
submersum, if there is a difference? And how can I tell which one I have?


Watergardening in the Desert!