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Ceratophyllum demersum

at first I like to thank all, who gave me new ideas and information
concerning C.demersum. Following seems to be clear to me: C. demersum is
growing submers *and demers*, and therefore the name demersum. C. submersum
is growing *only submers*, consequently the name submersum. Both plants have
no roots and they are only anchored by specialiezed leavs on the bottom, if
not floating (demersum). Both plants accept high lighting as well as medium
lighting. Also both are favoured to reduce or stop algae ( this was the real
reason, I decided to buy them!) But as strong as I looked to find a picture
of C.submersum, in lot of books, internet a.s.o., I didn't find anyone -
only C.demersum! May be it's not so easy to identify both species and some
pictures, indicating C.demersum, are showing C.submersum. Cocerning dropping
of leaves, it seems so, that a stress factor (moving from one tank to an
other, different water- and light-conditions) is the real reason, C. seems
to be very sensitiv to it. Roger Millers' observations, that fish got
appetite for the leavs, is not relavant for me. I saw leaves dropping caused
by (low!) watermovment.
Greetings and bye-bye Klaus Haber