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Re: Ceratophyllum demersum

I just brought a handful of this plant from a lake in the Pocono Mts. here in 
Pa, which was for the most part overrun with (what I think) is egeria. The 
egeria was growing profusely throughout the entire lake, but here and there 
you could see small pieces of the c. demersum. Fishing under areas where 
there was coverage of egeria and algae fluff and other scum around the 
shoreline, I found a bit of this plant growing underneath the other stuff. 
Apparently, it can adapt to lower light conditions.

After bringing it home, I stuck it in a new setup, in a window tank, with a 
lone betta. It is losing it's leaves but new growth is appearing. I just hope 
it weathers the algae storm that appeared in short order and looks like it's 
engulfing the tank. I figure this may not be a good setup for an 
algae-eater-less tank.



> I concur--the plants that are doing well are in the
>  best lit area of the tank.  The ones that were not
>  doing well were in shaded areas.  The pond these came
>  from gets about 6 hours of raging, Gulf Coast sun.